Paint Scheme Grades-September 5, 2020

By David G. Firestone

Quin Houff #00 Throwback Permatex Chevy Camaro-This isn’t a real throwback. While it does have throwback elements, it’s a bit over done with the hood spiral. The motif looks good on the side. I’ll give this a B.

Austin Dillon #3 Dow VORASURF Chevy Camaro-It’s not over designed, and it has a great color scheme. That will always earn an A.

Garrett Smithley #7 Chevy Camaro-Same scheme as Wisconsin Lighting Lab, same A grade.

Josh Bilicki #7 Ariens Chevy Camaro-My only complaint is that the white is pointless here. Other than than, this gets an A.

Tyler Reddick #8 KCMG Chevy Camaro-The only thing saving this scheme is a good color scheme. This is an ugly over designed mess. D

Ryan Blaney #12 Body Armor Ford Mustang-There is nothing good I can say about this scheme. This is horrible. It’s horrifically over designed, and too many colors. F

Kyle Busch #18 M&M’s Throwback Toyota Camry-This was a great scheme then, and a great scheme now. It’s a good, faithful throwback of a great scheme, and it earns an A.

Erik Jones #20 Auto-Owners Insurance Toyota Camry-A good fade always works, and a good color scheme helps. A

Erik Jones #20 SportClips Throwback Toyota Camry-I never really liked Tony’s silver Home Depot schemes, largely because I don’t like silver and orange as a color scheme. I like this scheme because red works so much better. I’ll give this a B, as I do think it is over designed.

JJ Yeley #27 Thriv5 Ford Mustang-I like this. The designs look good, the car as a whole has a smooth look, and the car looks great. A

JJ Yeley #27 America Strong Chevy Camaro-I think the car is a bit over designed, and I hate the yellow stripe on the read. Still, this isn’t a bad scheme, so I’ll give it a B.

Michael McDowell #34 Ford Mustang-The spiral motif works well, and the lack of orange is a much needed improvement. A

Ryan Preece #37 Scotts Chevy Camaro-Getting rid of the green, and toning down the waves would help this scheme a lot. Currently, this mess gets a D, because I do like the shades of white and blue.

John Hunter Nemechek #38 Citgard Ford Mustang-The plain red Citgo scheme was a great look, and a scheme I really miss. This is a really good look, and a faithful throwback, so it gets an A.

Cole Custer #41 Throwback Ford Mustang-Another amazing and faithful throwback from a great scheme. This looks great, and gets an A.

Josh Bilicki #53 Insurance King/The Wounded Blue Chevy Camaro-Nothing really wrong here. The car is smooth, and the scheme looks great. A

Joey Gase #53 Sparks Ford Mustang-It’s an ugly, over designed mess, and not even a great color scheme can save from an F.

Ross Chastain #77 Moose Fraternity Chevy Camaro-I like the look, I like the color scheme, I like the moose, this gets an A.

BJ McLeod #78 Royal Teak Collection Chevy Camaro-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

Christopher Bell #95 JBL Throwback Toyota Camry-I think the original was an over designed mess, and I think the throwback reflects that. F

Paint Scheme Grades-October 6, 2018

By David G. Firestone

Ross Chastain #7 Sokal Chevy Camaro-This is another one of those designs that would look better with a different color scheme.  Neither the color scheme or the design are bad by themselves, but together they just don’t work. It’s not a bad scheme, but it could be worked upon. B-

Chase Elliott #9 NAPA Chevy Camaro-There are slight changes to the scheme, but they neither add or subtract from the B+ grade I gave it.

Clint Bowyer #14 Mobil 1/Advance Auto Parts Ford Fusion-My only complaint here is that the blue on the Mobil 1 aspect could be replaced with blue.  Other than that, it’s a great scheme. A-

Daniel Suarez #19 Lenox Toyota Camry-It’s a smooth look with a great color scheme, and that will always earn an A.

JJ Yeley #23 Adirondack Tree Surgeons Toyota Camry-It’s an ugly over designed mess with a bad color scheme, and that will always earn an F.

Chris Buescher #37 Maple Cheerios Chevy Camaro-It’s a good look, I like the color scheme, and I don’t think it’s over designed. A

Timmy Hill #66 Terino Toyota Camry-A light to dark blue fade works very well, and the lack of other designs earns this scheme an A.

Martin Truex Jr. #78 Auto-Owners Insurance/Sherry Strong Toyota Camry-It’s a great color, and the design works very well. A

Jeffery Earnhardt #96 Susan B Komen Toyota Camry-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

Paint Scheme Grades-August 20, 2016


By David G. Firestone

Jamie McMurray #1 McDonald’s Mac Tonight Throwback Chevy SS-This is the worst McDonald’s scheme EVER! This scheme came around in 1997. The blue and white color scheme looks out of place, and it clashes with the yellow door numbers, and stripe. McDonald’s has always been known for a good shade of red and a good shade of yellow. The red isn’t used, except in the door number drop shadow, and the bottom stripe. It’s just not a good look at all. F

Kevin Harvick #4 Busch Beer Hunting Chevy SS-The orange motif with a landscape design isn’t good, because the design scheme clashes with the design scheme. Changing either would work. The amazing thing is that both the design, and color schemes on their own aren’t bad, they just don’t work together. I’ll give it a C.

Kasey Kahne #5 Drive to End Hunger Chevy SS-It’s a simple design, with a very bold look, and a really great color scheme. I give it an A.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Fastenal Brian Clauson Tribute Ford Fusion-Fastenal has had a lot of good schemes, and this tribute to the late Brian Clauson is no exception. It’s a great look, with good color and design schemes. A

Matt Kenseth #20 Tide Pods Toyota Camry-There is nothing bad I could every say about this paint scheme. A

Ryan Blaney #21 Virginia Tech Ford Fusion-If the stripe was straight across the whole car, I could give it a higher grade, but with the awkward look, it goes down to a B+.

Landon Cassill #38 MDS Transportation Ford Fusion– Orange can be iffy on the side of race car, but this shade works well, and the rest of the car works with it. I can’t give this scheme less than an A.

Kyle Larson #42 Huggies Chevy SS-The design scheme is mediocre at best, and the color scheme is dreadful. Put them together and you have a D+ scheme.

Brian Scott #44 Jacob Construction/Medallion Ford Fusion-Same scheme as Medallion Bank, same A grade.

Martin Truex Jr. #78 Auto-Owners Insurance Throwback Toyota Camry– It’s a modern-looking throwback, which is odd looking, but has a great color scheme. I’ll give it a C+.