Paint Scheme Leaderboard-Toyota

By David G. Firestone Toyota takes center stage this week, as The Executive Paint Scheme Ranking Committee releases our results. Alejandro was a lot of help, sitting behind me, and licking my hair. The results are below: 1-#98 Premium Motorsports Chevy/Toyota-Position Last Year-NA-The #98 of Premium Motorsports has- done the impossible…They’ve had a perfect season! […]

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Paint Scheme Leaderboard-Ford

By David G. Firestone For the next installment of The Paint Scheme Leaderboard, The Executive Paint Scheme Ranking Committee has ranked the schemes of the Ford teams this year. Alejandro decided that he would rather sleep on a chair, so I did most of the work. Here are the results: 1-#35 Front Row Motorsports Ford-Rank […]

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Throwback Thursday-Rick Mast-1998

By David G. Firestone Rick Mast firing along in his Remington Arms Ford Taurus in 1998. Yellow, black, and red is a good color scheme, and the design looks really good. The yellow front, and diagonal strlipes to a red stripe, and a black rear, with a red stripe across the bottom works very well. […]

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Paint Scheme Leaderboard-Chevrolet

By David G. Firestone The air is cold, festive music is on the radio, and in stores. Red and green is the color scheme this season, and you know what that means for The Driver Suit Blog…The Paint Scheme Leaderboard. This year, as in years past, The Executive Paint Scheme Ranking Committee has met again, […]

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