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Throwback Thursday-1987 Joe Lepone JOB Chevrolet Beretta

1987 Joe Lepone JOB Chevrolet Beretta

Berwyn, Pennsylvania’s Joe Lepone Jr. fielded this 1987 Beretta in the Pro Stock ranks of the NHRA in 1987. The Beretta had a decent look to it, and this paint scheme tries to work with it. I like the blue and red horizontal stripe motif works, but the black stripe on the bottom looks out of place. The JOB logo is decent, and works with the red and blue, but not the black. All things considered, this gets a B

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1987 Villante & Earle Pontiac Trans Am

1987 Villante & Earle Pontiac Trans Am

Tony Christian from Sarasota, Florida and John Villante & Richard Earle from Pinellas Park, Florida teamed up to field Villante & Earle, a 1987 Trans Am. The old school 80’s Trans Am had a great look by itself. The white base with the red stripes and bottom is a great look. The door logos look great as well. All in all, this gets an A.

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Throwback Thursday-1986 Wayne County Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro

1986 Wayne County Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro

Morehead, Kentucky’s Darrell Alderman has had a lot of ups and downs in his racing career. A lot of his success came from his Wayne County Speed Shop Fairfield, Illinois partnership. In 1986, he raced this white, orange, red, and black Camaro. The color scheme was great for the time, but it doesn’t look good today. The stripe motif does work. I’ll take everything and give it a B

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1983 Hurst Oldsmobile Cutlass

1983 Hurst Oldsmobile Cutlass

Considered the greatest Pro Stock driver of all time, Virginia, Minnesota’s Warren Johnson has 97 race wins and six championships to his name. In 1983, he raced this Hurst Oldsmobile Cutlass, which was designed to look like the version sold to the public. The car looks like Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s Goodwrench Chevy. This car has a great look, and I can’t say anything bad about it. A

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1980 Ray Allen Grumpy’s Toy XVI Chevrolet Camaro

1980 Ray Allen Grumpy’s Toy XVI Chevrolet Camaro

Malvern, Pennsylvania’s Bill Jenkins returns, this time teaming up with Ray Allen from Wayne, New Jersey to field this 1981 Camaro. Going back to the old white with red accents scheme was a great move. I also like the fact that the red is much more subduded than the older schemes. All in all, I’m giving this an A.

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1980 Butch Leal & Bob Lambeck Dodge Aspen

1980 Butch Leal & Bob Lambeck Dodge Aspen

Northridge, California’s Butch Leal, and Bob Lambeck teamed up to field a 1980 Aspen. The Aspen is an underrated car in terms of looks. It’s boxy, the front end looks really good, and the car has great proportions. The color scheme is good. The shade of blue works very well, and the rainbow motif works well too. I don’t like the fact that the yellow ends just under the molding. It should be yellow to the bottom of the car. All things considered, I give this a B+