Throwback Thursday-1969 #12 Porsche 917L

Vic Elford and Richard Attwood 1969 #12 Porsche 917L

The 1969 Porsche 917L is an amazingly beautiful automobile. The shade of white works very well here. The way the blue was used doesn’t work at all. I like the shade of blue, but it would work a whole lot better if the whole car was colored with the shade of blue, instead of using it only on the front end and tail. I do like the vintage logos, but I also think that door numbers should have been sized to fit the door, rather than a standard size, that looks odd on the sides. I’ll give it a B+, considering the sum of all parts.


Throwback Thursday-1968 #33 Porsche 908

Jochen Neerpasch and Rolf Stommelen 1968 #33 Porsche 908

While a lighter green doesn’t always work, with this Porsche 908. The car itself has a streamlined look, and the white works well across the whole car. The green front and green tail are a nice touch, and the colors work well together. I also have a soft spot for the vintage logos visible on the sides. It’s a beautiful car, and I’ll give it an A.

Throwback Thursday-1968 #24 Matra MS630

Johnny Servoz-Gavin and Henri Pescarolo 1968 #24 Matra MS630

The Matra MS630 is a car that looks a lot like current Daytona Prototypes, and that’s not a bad thing. It does look a little odd without a tail, but that’s forgivable. While I like the shade of blue used here, the green stripe on the front is a different story. Green is a difficult color to use in auto racing, and this shade of green is a little too light. The green is reminiscent of the Seattle Seahawks original uniforms, which worked, but the blue is too dark. All things considered, I’ll give it a C-

Throwback Thursday-1968 #9 Ford GT40 Mk. I

Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi 1968 #9 Ford GT40 Mk. I

If the 1960’s Le Mans had a signature look, it is this sky blue Ford GT40 Mk. I. The dark red front, and stripe across the car is an amazing look, and add a great number design, and iconic Gulf logos, and some cool looking horseshoes, and you have a look that will transcend the race, and is ingrained in the minds of vintage car lovers everywhere. This look can’t get anything lower than an A.

Throwback Thursday-1967 #3 Ford GT40 Mk. IV

Mario Andretti and Lucien Bianchi 1967 #3 Ford GT40 Mk. IV

While I like the overall look of the GT40 Mk.IV, this is not a great color. The hood stripe is interrupted, which is visually distracting. The side design has an odd curved stripe, which is also visually distracting, even though it follows the contour of the car. Gone is the great, simple Ford GT40 stripe, and in is a series of stripes that don’t look good. Add in the bad shade of red, and you have a C+ look.