Throwback Thursday-1997 Jason Keller #57 Slim Jim Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1997 Jason Keller #57 Slim Jim Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Greenville, South Carolina is the home of Jason Keller. Keller is the first driver in the history of the Xfinity Series to start 500 races. In that series, he has 10 wins, and has finished 2nd in the point standings twice, once in 2000, the other in 2002. In 1997, he raced a Slim Jim Monte Carlo for his family’s racing team. The car is almost exactly like the one I reviewed earlier in the year, but the black stripe has been removed, and the car has a cleaner line as a result. This gets an A.


Throwback Thursday-1996 Bobby Labonte #44 Shell Pontiac Grand Prix

1996 Bobby Labonte #44 Shell Pontiac Grand Prix

Like his older brother Terry, Bobby Labonte calls Corpus Christi, Texas a home. The first driver to ever win both a Cup Series, and an Xfinity Series Championship, Labonte also has 32 race wins across all three of NASCAR’s top 3 series. From 1996 to 1998, Labonte raced in the #44 Shell Grand Prix for his own team. The design needs work, I think it’s over designed. Also, the black and the white are completely pointless. If it was just yellow with logos, it would be an A, but this design gets a B+.

Throwback Thursday-1996 Steve Grissom #29 WCW Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1996 Steve Grissom #29 WCW Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Steve Grissom is from Gadsden, Alabama. He has a lot of experience in NASCAR’s top three series. While he is winless in the Cup Series and Truck Series, he has 11 wins in the Xfinity Series, as well as the 1993 Championship. In 1996, he raced a partial season for Diamond Ridge Motorsports. He won the Goody’s Headache Powder 300 ad Daytona, in what was his last Xfinity Series win, driving the WCW Monte Carlo. This really is a mid 1990’s design, the color scheme is good, but I don’t like the cutting edge saw motif. All things considered, I give this a C.

Throwback Thursday-1996 Terry Labonte #5 Action Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1996 Terry Labonte #5 Actron Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Corpus Christi, Texas can be proud to call Terry Labonte a son. A two time Cup Champion, with 34 wins across all three of NASCAR’s top series, Labonte is one of the most underrated drivers in the history of NASCAR. In 1996, Labonte won two races in the Xfinity Series racing the Actron-sponsored Monte Carlo. It’s a decent scheme, the design scheme works well, but I’m not a fan of the color scheme. The red should be a little darker, and the yellow should be a little brighter. It’s not awful, so I’ll give it a B+

Throwback Thursday-1995 Ward Burton #95 Cat Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1995 Ward Burton #95 Cat Chevrolet Monte Carlo

South Boston, Virginia is the stomping ground of the Burton brother, Ward and Jeff. Ward has 9 wins, 5 in the Cup Series and 4 in the Xfinity Series. He is the winner of the 2001 Southern 500, and the 2002 Daytona 500. In 1995, Burton raced for Buz McCall in the #95 CAT Monte Carlo. He had a top 10. The car has a great look, I think the color scheme works well, and the car isn’t over designed. A

Throwback Thursday-1995 Todd Bodine #81 Cape Canaveral Cruise Lines

1995 Todd Bodine #81 Cape Canaveral Cruise Lines

Chemung, New York plays host to the Bodine Brothers,Brett, Goeff, and Todd. Todd has had a decent amount of success, winning 15 races in the Xfinity Series, and 22 wins, and two championships in the Truck Series. In 1996, Todd Bodine won the Winston Motorsports 300 at South Boston, driving a Cape Canaveral Cruise sponsored Monte Carlo. The car has a great color scheme, but the car itself is over designed. It tries and fails to be as good as the Terry Labonte Kellogg’s scheme. This scheme is getting a C.

Throwback Thursday-1994 Stanton Barrett #91 Wendy’s Chevrolet Lumina

1994 Stanton Barrett #91 Wendy’s Chevrolet Lumina

Stanton Barrett hails from Bishop, California. He has raced in many different series, including all three of NASCAR top series, and the IndyCar series. He hasn’t had success at the top levels. From 1993 to 1995, he raced a Wendy’s sponsored entry for his father Stan Barrett. As much as I want to like this design, I think the white stripe at the front is pointless, and the curve design on the sides could be toned down a lot. Still, it’s not horrible, so I’ll give it a B+

Throwback Thursday-1994 David Green #44 Slim Jim Chevrolet Lumina

1994 David Green #44 Slim Jim Chevrolet Lumina

Owensboro, Kentucky plays host to the Green family, David Green, Jeff Green, and Mark Green. Jeff and David are the only pair of brothers to win Xfinity Series Championships, David in 1994, and Jeff in 2000. David won the 1994 Championship after only winning one race, the 1994 Goody’s 250, and he did so while racing the Bob Labonte owned #44 Slim Jim Lumina. The Slim Jim Lumina is a classic look, where every part of the car works, the color scheme is not over designed, and the car looks great, and earns an A.

Throwback Thursday-1994 Patty Moise #40 Purex Ford Thunderbird

1994 Patty Moise #40 Purex Ford Thunderbird

Jacksonville, Florida’s own Patty Moise has raced in NASCAR for many years. She didn’t win a race, but has a few top 10’s in the Xfinity Series. In 1994 and 1995, she raced the Purex Thunderbird for Doug Taylor. I like the shades of blue and red, and the design is decent. My only complaint is that I think the white stripe between the two isn’t needed, and it’s visually distracting. Other than that, it’s a great scheme that earns an A-.

Throwback Thursday-1993 Terry Labonte #14 MW Windows Chevrolet Lumina

1993 Terry Labonte #14 MW Windows Chevrolet Lumina

Corpus Christi, Texas can be proud to call Terry Labonte a son. A two time Cup Champion, with 34 wins across all three of NASCAR’s top series, Labonte is one of the most underrated drivers in the history of NASCAR. In 1993 1994, and, he drove the #14 MW Windows Chevy. The 1993 MW Windows Lumina is all white with a series of red stripes on the sides, which wrap around the front. It’s a great look, with a great color scheme. A