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Throwback Thursday-1973 Gumout Chevrolet Camaro

1973 Gumout Chevrolet Camaro

This 1971 Camaro Pro Stock driven by Joe Satmary has a great look to it. The shade of red works very well, and the car has a smooth design. I also love the old GUMOUT logo, and the lettering on the side. It’s worth an A.

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Throwback Thursday-1972 Motown Missile Plymouth Barracuda

1972 Motown Missile Plymouth Barracuda

Don Carlton from Royal Oak, Michigan raced a series of Motown Missiles. This 1972 Barracuda example proves why black and gold is always a great color scheme. The gold stripes work very well, and the gold front wheels are amazing. I hope someone does a throwback scheme of this Motown Missile. A

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1972 Grumpy’s Toy X Chevrolet Vega

1972 Grumpy’s Toy IX Chevrolet Vega

Grumpy’s Toy IX was owned and driven by Malvern, Pennsylvania’s own Bill Jenkins This is one of a long line of Grumpy’s Toy cars. This Vega Pro Stock uses white with red accents. It’s a nice look. Red and white is a great color scheme, and it works very well with the design scheme. I’m going to give this the A it deserves.

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1982 #20 Sauber SHS C6

Hans-Joachim Stuck,Jean-Louis Schlesser, and Dieter Quester 1982 #20 Sauber SHS C6

The Sauber SHS C6 has a decent look, the driver compartment is a bit high, but because of the dimensions, it’s not a bad looking car. This red sonic circle design is horrid! Who thought this was a good idea? If you had the circle on the top of the car and went from there, it could work, but the circle on the sides is awful. There is no way I can give this car anything more than an F.

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1982 #4 Porsche 936C

Bob Wollek,Jean-Michel Martin, and Philippe Martin 1982 #4 Porsche 936C

The Porsche 936C is a nice looking car, with a really smooth look, and good dimensions/ The paint scheme is kind of odd. The red is a really good shade of red. The white could be brighter. The design is a bit over done, the thin red stripes are visually distracting, and serve no purpose, other than looking odd. It’s a look that’s worth a B-.

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1981 #25 Rondeau M379

Jean Ragnotti and Jean-Louis Lafosse 1981 #25 Rondeau M379

I’ve the discuss Rondeau M379 before, and I think it looks like a car a child would draw with crayons. The color scheme of this particular M379 is decent, but the design scheme is so over done it’s awful. There are random patches of yellow placed all over the car. The red stripes do work though. All things considered, it’s worth a C+

auto racing · throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday-1980 #22 Toj SM01

Michel Pignard,Mario Ketterer, and Hubert Striebig 1980 #22 Toj SM01

The Toj SM01 is a rounded, streamlined car, but it has a great look. This paint scheme however is a total disaster. The paint scheme can best be described as looking like it’s sewn together, with green, red, and yellow patches all over the car. It’s an over designed mess of a paint scheme. It takes a decent car down to a D- grade.