Throwback Thursday-1975 #11 Mirage GR8

Derek Bell and Jacky Ickx 1975 #11 Mirage GR8

Gulf Oil makes a return on this list again, this time on a 1975 Mirage GR8. The Gulf Oil paint scheme is a great look, nothing surprising about that. With the smooth look and streamlined shape of the Mirage GR8, the Gulf Oil scheme shines again. This is a great look all around, and earns an A.


Throwback Thursday-1974 #25 Sigma MC74

Yasuhiro Okamoto, Harukuni Takahashi, and Yojiro Terada 1974 #25 Sigma MC74

The Sigma MC74 is a smooth looking car. I do like the fins, and the lack of a tail works here. The shade of red is good, and the white works well with the red. I do think the design scheme is just a bit over done. I think there are too many white stripes. If the white on the bottom were changed to red, I would give it an A. This car as it is is worth a B+.

Throwback Thursday-1973 #14 Matra-Simca MS670B

Patrick Depailler and Bob Wollek 1973 #14 Matra-Simca MS670B

The Simca MS670B is a very nice looking car, though I don’t like the way the tail is setup, as opposed to the MS670. This car has a nice shade of blue across the whole car. There is also a dull yellow stripe that extends from the front to the brake duct. There is also a white stripe across the whole car. The dull yellow is also on the rear fins. The paint scheme works very well. The car design does distract from a nice paint scheme, and the car as a whole is worth an A-