Throwback Thursday-1993 Terry Labonte #14 MW Windows Chevrolet Lumina

1993 Terry Labonte #14 MW Windows Chevrolet Lumina

Corpus Christi, Texas can be proud to call Terry Labonte a son. A two time Cup Champion, with 34 wins across all three of NASCAR’s top series, Labonte is one of the most underrated drivers in the history of NASCAR. In 1993 1994, and, he drove the #14 MW Windows Chevy. The 1993 MW Windows Lumina is all white with a series of red stripes on the sides, which wrap around the front. It’s a great look, with a great color scheme. A


Throwback Thursday-1992 Jeff Gordon #2 Baby Ruth Ford Thunderbird

1992 Jeff Gordon #2 Baby Ruth Ford Thunderbird

For the next set of Throwback Thursday, we will focus on the Xfinity Series. Hailing from Vallejo, California, Jeff Gordon has raced in NASCAR for many years, and has had a lot of success. Almost all of Gordon’s success came in car #24, but he had a little success in the #1 Baby Ruth Bill Davis Thunderbird in the Xfinity Series, which accounts for three of his five Xfinity Series wins. The Baby Ruth Thunderbird is an amazing look, with a great color scheme, and a subtle design scheme. All in all, this earns an A.

Throwback Thursday-1996 McDonalds/Dynomax Pontiac Firebird

1996 McDonalds/Dynomax Pontiac Firebird

Jim Yates and Joe Gibbs from Alexandria, Virginia teamed up to field this 1996 Firebird. This McDonald’s design was only used from 1995 to 1996. It is one of the few paint schemes that looks good no matter what kind of race car it is used on. The car is all red, except on the front where there is a white design that makes an M, with the Golden Arches on top of that. This is a great scheme that earns an A.

Throwback Thursday-1994 Bob Glidden Ford Probe

1994 Bob Glidden Ford Probe

Whiteland, Indiana’s Bob Glidden makes one last appearance on Throwback Thursday driving this Ford Quality Car sponsored Probe. I like the shade of blue used on the overall car, as well as the various shades of blue on the sides. The red stripe on the bottom looks a little out of place. I also think that the scheme would be improved with the addition of the stripes to the front of the car. The front of the car looks odd, when compared to the rest of the car. I’m going to give this a B+

Throwback Thursday-1991 Torco Oil Pontiac Trans Am

1991 Torco Oil Pontiac Trans Am

Simi Valley, California family members Harry, Tom, and Dick Scribner teamed up in 1991 to field this Torco sponsored Cutlass, with Harry as the driver, and Tom as the crew chief. The Cutlass has a decent look, but it doesn’t look good as a race car. I like the black, red, and yellow color scheme, and the stripes work very well here. I also like the diagonal hood logo, though I could do without the stripe on the hood. After careful thought, I give this scheme an A-.

Throwback Thursday-1988 Party Time Pontiac Firebird

1988 Party Time Pontiac Firebird

Middlesex, North Carolina’s Harold Denton teamed up with Morehead, Kentucky owner to field “Party Time” a 1989 Trans Am. The black base is good, and the silver stripe on the bottom works well. I’m not a fan of the yellow stripe across the side. I think that the yellow and silver don’t work with each other. I also like the Party Time lettering on the sides and front. It’s a good scheme, and I give it an A-.

Throwback Thursday-1988 Pennzoil Pontiac Chevrolet Camaro

1988 Pennzoil Pontiac Chevrolet Camaro

Ventura, California’s Bill Orndorff and driver Jerry Eckman teamed up again to drive this 1988 Camaro sponsored by Pennzoil. Old school Camaros look just as good as their Trans Am counterparts. Pennzoil’s color scheme is really good. They have a distinctive shade of yellow that isn’t too bright. The red and the black logos and lettering work very well with the overall design. My only complaint is that I think the black hood is out of place. All things considered, I give this an A-

Throwback Thursday-1987 Eckman and Orndorff Chevrolet Camaro

1987 Eckman & Orndorff Chevrolet Camaro

In 1987, fellow Ventura, California racers owner Bill Orndorff and driver Jerry Eckman teamed up to drive this 1987 Camaro. White, yellow and red is a decent color scheme. I also like the stripe on the front that extends over the hood, roof, and deck lid. The side design needs a little work. If the orange stripe were removed, it might be better, but this isn’t horrible, so I’ll give it an A-.

Throwback Thursday-1987 Joe Lepone JOB Chevrolet Beretta

1987 Joe Lepone JOB Chevrolet Beretta

Berwyn, Pennsylvania’s Joe Lepone Jr. fielded this 1987 Beretta in the Pro Stock ranks of the NHRA in 1987. The Beretta had a decent look to it, and this paint scheme tries to work with it. I like the blue and red horizontal stripe motif works, but the black stripe on the bottom looks out of place. The JOB logo is decent, and works with the red and blue, but not the black. All things considered, this gets a B

Throwback Thursday-1987 Villante & Earle Pontiac Trans Am

1987 Villante & Earle Pontiac Trans Am

Tony Christian from Sarasota, Florida and John Villante & Richard Earle from Pinellas Park, Florida teamed up to field Villante & Earle, a 1987 Trans Am. The old school 80’s Trans Am had a great look by itself. The white base with the red stripes and bottom is a great look. The door logos look great as well. All in all, this gets an A.