The 3rd Annual Paint Scheme Awards!

By David G. Firestone For the end of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season, the Paint Schemies have returned! The Schemies will reveal the best,and worst paint schemes of 2015. I’ve eliminated the exhibition and improved categories for 2015, with exhibition replaced by throwback paint scheme.This was done using the Driver Suit Blog executive committee […]

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NASCAR Napkin RIngs Part 2

By David G. Firestone I’ve talked about NASCAR banquet rings before. They just fascinate me. I’ve understood the significance of championship rings, who doesn’t. But I’ve never seen these kinds of rings before, where they were enlarged, and used at the banquet as napkin rings until I came across these NASCAR example. With the exception […]

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Paint Scheme Tracker-November 18, 2015

By David G. Firestone CHIP GANASSI RACING TEAM #1 Jamie McMurray #1 Cessna/Beechcraft Chevy SS–No Change A Jamie McMurray #1 McDonald’s Chevy SS–Same basic scheme, but with a new door design. B+ Jamie McMurray #1 Cessna/McDonald’s Chevy SS-Special dual scheme for the Daytona 500, black Cessna on the front, fade to red McDonald’s on the […]

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