Paint Scheme Grades-October 9, 2021

By David G. Firestone Kevin Harvick #4 Busch Light #Hunt4Busch Ford Mustang-The branded camo is awful, the orange is awful, they don’t work well together, so this gets an F. Ryan Newman #6 Kohler Generators Pink Ford Mustang-Pinkwashing is an automatic F. Ryan Blaney #12 Menard’s/Maytag Ford Mustang-Same scheme as last year, same A grade. […]

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Paint Scheme Grades-October 2, 2021

By David G. Firestone Quinn Houff #00 Eagle Rock Wealth Management Chevy Camaro-I think the light green isn’t needed, other than that, this works. A- Kyle Larson #5 Tarlton & Son Chevy Camaro-A smooth look with a great color scheme will always earn an A. Ryan Newman #6 Violet Defense Ford Mustang-The fade is great, […]

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