Paint Scheme Grades-August 21, 2021

By David G. Firestone Quin Houff #00 Sherfick Companies Chevy Camaro-The major issue here is that there is too much white. Orange and black work well, but the white is visually distracting. It’s not bad, so I’ll give it a B+ Quin Houff #00 The Frank and Shirley Dick Family YMCA/Creek Enterprise Chevy Camaro-This would […]

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Paint Scheme Grades-June 19, 2021

By David G. Firestone Kevin Harvick #4 Busch Beer #BuschToThemoon Ford Mustang-The space motif works well, and the color scheme works too, so this gets an A. Tyler Reddick #8 iCashautos/I Am Second Chevy Camaro-The only thing I like here is the black, other than that, this is just a mess. D- Ryan Blaney #12 […]

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Paint Scheme Grades-May 29, 2021

By David G. Firestone Quin Houff #00 Mane ‘n Tail Chevy Camaro-These two motifs don’t really work, and they don’t look good, so they get an F. Brad Keselowski #2 Thomas Built Buses Ford Mustang-Same scheme as Freightliner, same A- grade. Austin Dillon #3 Workrise Chevy Camaro-I like the color scheme, and the design scheme […]

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Paint Scheme Grades-May 22, 2021

By David G. Firestone Quin Houff #00 Reliant/Verkada Chevy Camaro-I would like this scheme more if it was just the fade, but the rest of this takes the design from an A to a C-. Kurt Busch #1 Yorktel/Caregility Chevy Camaro-Fades are awesome, pastel colors aren’t and the stripes just don’t work. B- Brad Keselowski, […]

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