Throwback Thursday-Mark Martin-1988

By David G. Firestone

The Ageless Wonder Mark Martin sits next to his brand new Stroh Light Ford Thunderbird in 1988.

The Stroh Light Thunderbird is a very simple, yet very effective design. Dark blue, a really good shade by the way, is used over the whole car. White lettering is very visible on the blue background. The Roush #6 is white with a red border. It is a great scheme, and it looks very good.  Simple is better, when it comes to paint schemes.

I wonder why Martin’s driver suit is a different shade of blue than the car. Neither shade is that bad, but they do clash in the photo. I’m also marveling at the rear spoiler. It looks like a spoiler from a pro stock car in the NHRA. It’s literally horizontal. On a different note, is the lettering on the tires getting bigger? It seems so.