My Thoughts On A Bad Day

By David G. Firestone

We’ve all had days where nothing goes right, and Friday was one of those for me. Friday SUCKED! I knew it was going to ahead of time, but when it actually got to Friday, it was worse. But there was one aspect that I really looked forward to.

I had gotten info that starting at 9AM, the power would be out, because ComEd, our power company here in Chicago would be doing work near my house. This meant that from 9AM to 1PM I had no heat, no power, no stove, and no microwave. I decided to spend the day getting errands done.

After getting the errands done, I had lunch at Chili’s, and then tried to get to a medical appointment on time. Since I use public transportation, this is easier said than done, and I was late for my medical appointment. After suffering through my medical appointment, I had to get to work, which, at the end of the terrible day I was having, was just insult to injury. After work, I go home, try to have dinner, and I notice my George Forman grill had died. Just another kick to the groin.

It was an awful day, but there was a bright silver lining. We’ve all had days where the world is against us, and the best part of those days is the fact that you get the best sleep ever after the day ends. I don’t know what it is, but you get an amazing night of sleep after an awful day, and you feel better for the next day, come what may.