Throwback Thursday-Bobby Allison-1987

By David G. Firestone

Hall of Famer Bobby Allison racing in his 1987 Miller Buick is our subject:

Red and white is a great color scheme, and the design looks decent. I don’t like the star motif on the stripe across the back of the car. The yellow Pennzoil logo is an issue, as it needlessly added to the sides, where it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s visually distracting, and clashes with the color and design scheme.

When it comes to the car itself…how many bars does one need on the windshield? There is no way that isn’t distracting to the driver. I do like the chrome wheels, the color appropriate window net, and I’m still fascinated by the low angled spoiler. I’m also wondering why that green dot is on the top of the windshield.