Paint Scheme Grades-November 2, 2019

By David G. Firestone

Landon Cassill #00 Sea Deck/Units Moving and Portable Storage Chevy Camaro-I like the color scheme, and the design scheme is good. I can’t give this scheme anything less than an A.

Kurt Busch #1 Global Poker Chevy Camaro-Camo doesn’t look good on a race car. This color scheme doesn’t work with the camo. The car doesn’t look good, so I give it an F

Ryan Newman #6 Blue Bird Ford Mustang-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

Chase Elliott #9 Mountain Dew Chevy Camaro-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

Ross Chastain #15 Harrah’s North Kansas City Chevy Camaro-A smooth look with a great color scheme will always earn an A.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr #17 Fifth Third Bank Pink Ford Mustang-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

BJ McLeod #51 Jacob Companies Pink Chevy Camaro-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

Garrett Smithley #52 Chevy Camaro-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

JJ Yeley #53 Gotta Kill It To Heal It Chevy Camaro-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

Paint Scheme Grades-May 20, 2017

By David G. Firestone.

Brad Keselowski #2 Elite Support/Freightliner Ford Fusion-The Penske template works well with this color scheme, it has a good look, and I give it an A

Trevor Bayne #6 Roush Performance Ford Fusion-Same scheme as 2016 #16, same A grade.

Reed Sorenson #15 Harrah’s Casino Chevy SS-It’s a smooth look, with a good color scheme, and with the silver accents removed, it still looks good. I give it an A.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Little Hug Drinks Ford Fusion-It’s an over designed mess, with a bad color scheme. It reminds me of the old Dale Earnhardt Peter Max scheme from 2000, and that is not a comparrosn I should make. It gets an F, and I’m being generous!

Kyle Busch #18 M&M’s/Red Nose Day Toyota Camry-Same scheme as last year,same A grade.

Matt DiBenedetto #32 Incredible Bank Ford Fusion-When used separately, green and a checkered flag motif can work well, when combined, you have this ugly mess of a scheme. It’s not attractive, and it isn’t a good look. F

Landon Cassill #34 A&W Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

David Ragan #38 Overton’s Ford Fusion-The darker blue with a cloud motif works very well, and the car isn’t overdone. I don’t know why I like sky motifs on race cars, but I do. I give it an A.

AJ Allmendnger #47 Dillon’s Chevy SS-Same scheme as Kroger’s, same A grade.

Timmy Hill #51 Lilly Trucking Chevy SS-A white car with white door numbers can be an iffy prospect, but this scheme pulls it off well. The stripe design on the sides needs some work, but it isn’t horrible. All things considered, this scheme gets a B+.

Carl Long #66 Poker Palace Chevy SS-Carl just can’t catch a break. For the first time since 2009, Carl is running in the Cup series, and NASCAR tells him he can’t run his hood sponsor due to it being Marijuana related. Even if the logo was present, it’s still and ugly design, with a bad shade of green, and a otherwise awful color scheme. Still, I’ll give him some pity, and give him a D-.

Cole Whitt #72 Bad Boy Mowers Chevy SS-The black works, the orange doesn’t and the cutting edge design is meh at best. All thing totalled, I give this a C-.

Michael McDowell #95 Tommy Williams Drywall Chevy SS-The drywall motif works very well, with a great color scheme to boot. It’s an all around attractive car. I give it an A.

Paint Scheme Grades-May 13, 2017

By David G. Firestone

Brad Keselowski #2 Fitzgerald Glider Kits Ford Fusion-The Penske template can be very temperamental when it comes to color schemes, this is not a good color scheme. The yellowish-green just doesn’t work, and the whole car just looks bad. The black is the only thing that is good, which gives this scheme a D.

Austin Dillon #3 Intellifresh Chevy SS-Same scheme as Dow Energy and Water, same C grade.

Joey Gase #15 Sparks Energy Toyota Camry-The paint splatter is a bold look, and the color scheme works well. It has a good look, and earns an A

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Fifth-Third Back Ford Fusion-I like the color scheme here, but I think the design scheme is a little over done. It’s not too bad. I also think the lighter blue could be a little lighter. All in all, it’s a B- scheme.

Kyle Busch #18 Skittles Patriotic Toyota Camry-I like the Skittles motif, and the patriotic motif works well here too. It’s not too over done, and I like the look. I give it an A.

Chris Buescher #37 Velveeta Chevy SS-Yellow can be a finicky color as a primary, but this is a good shade of yellow, and the car design is good. All in all, it’s an A grade.

Chris Buescher #37 Kingsford Chevy SS-Same scheme as 2015 #47, same A grade.

David Ragan #38 Ford Fusion-I like the gold numbers on white, and the smooth look and good color scheme earn an A.

Kyle Larson #42 Coca Cola Chevy SS-The frosty can motif works very well, and the overall car has a great look. I give it an A.

AJ Allmendinger #47 Kroger Checklist/Coffee Mate/Nature Valley Chevy SS-Same scheme as Kroger, same A grade.

Reed Sorenson #55 Xchange of America Chevy SS-Same scheme as #15,, same A grade.

Brendan Gaughan #75 Beard Oil Chevy SS-Same scheme as Beard Oil, but with logos on the sides, same A grade.

Erik Jones #77 Toyota Care Toyota Camry-I hate this look! The 5-Hour Energy with Toyota logos was bad, but this over designed mess of a car has too many stripes, and too many curves. It’s not a good look, and I’m giving it the F it deserves.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Nationwide Childrens Chevy SS-The white looks good, and I really like the use of multi-colored stripes and butterflies. This look works very well. It’s good, and not over designed. A

Michael McDowell #95 Winn Dixie Chevy SS-It has a smooth look, and a great color scheme. I like the stripes in the back. I’m going to give this an A.

DJ Kennington #96 Triad CNC Chevy SS-I like the stripes, and the subtle triangle logos as well. I do think it is a bit over designed though, and the scheme could be a little more subtle. I’ll give it a B+, all things considered.

Paint Scheme Grades-April 22, 2017

By David G. Firestone

Jamie McMurray #1 Sherwin Williams/3M Pro Chevy SS-While it has the same basic design as last year’s Sherwin Williams Emerald, but I don’t like the addition of the diamond plate. It takes a C design to a C-

Brad Keselowski #2 Miller Genuine Draft Ford Fusion-Our first Bristol throwback is one of my favortes, the Rusty Wallace Miller Genuine Draft design. It worked well a few years ago, it stil works well. I give it an A.

Austin Dillon #3 Dow Energy and Water Chevy SS-The blue water motif works well, the black outline…not so much. Get rid of the black outline, and just have the water motif. It’s not a terrible scheme, and it deserves a C.

JJ Yeley #7 Accell Construction Chevy SS-Same scheme as 2015, but with a black hood, and the black hood is an upgrade, and takes the scheme from a C- to a C.

Reed Sorenson #15 Xchange of America Chevy SS-It’s a smooth look, with a great color scheme. It earns an A.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Ford EcoBoost Ford Fusion-While I like the fact the design has been toned down, it’s still over designed, just less over designed. Good color scheme, but that can’t save this scheme from earning a D-.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.#17 Go Bowling Ford Fusion-Definitly a downgrade, from red, white, and blue to black, red and white. The design scheme could be better if it were a bowling lane motif. Still, it’s not terrible, and I give this a B-.

Matt Kenseth #20 Toyota Toyota Camry-The color scheme could work it it was either gray or white, but the combination just doesn’t work. Add a design that doesn’t work well with the color scheme, and you have an F scheme.

Chase Elliott #24 Little Ceasers/Mountain Dew Chevy SS-The orange scheme works well, I like the fact that the door number matches the orange. Add in a good design scheme, and you have an A scheme.

Paul Menard #27 Menard’s/Dutch Boy Chevy SS-This might be one of the only templates that works with every color. The blue works well with the template. I also like that the chipped paint motif is gone. A

Chris Buescher #37 Scott Products/Kingsford Chevy SS-Same scheme as Cottonelle, same A grade.

Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe’s/Hitachi Chevy-Same scheme as Lowe’s, same F grade.

Timmy Hill #51 Fenton Motors Chevy SS-Same scheme as Bubba Burgers, same A grade.

Derrike Cope #55 Low T Center Toyota Camry-Black, red, and green, with black as the primary color is an iffy choice, and the polka dot motif doesn’t work well here. It’s just not a good scheme. F

Cole Whitt #72 RTIC Coolers Chevy SS-I like the lighter blue, and the carbon fiber hood works very well too. Even the #72 works well with this scheme. I give it an A.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Axalta/Philadelphia Eagles Chevy SS-The color scheme isn’t great, the black doesn’t work. The design is unoriginal, and doesn’t work with the color scheme, but it’s not horrible. I will give it a C-.