Paint Scheme Grades-October 22, 2016

By David G. Firestone

Jamie McMurray #1 Cessna/Kansas State University/Beechcraft Chevy SS-Same scheme as Beechcraft, same B+ grade.

Austin Dillon #3 American Ethanol Pink Chevy SS-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

Trevor Bayne #6 Advocare Fan Mosiac Ford Fusion-The fan mosaic is a good idea, but get rid of the red stripes, and it would look better. The look would be smoother, and it would make the fan photos the thing to focus on. Still, it’s a good design scheme, and a good color scheme, so I’ll give it a B-

Kyle Busch #18 Snickers Halloween Toyota Camry-Brown and orange isn’t the best color scheme, nor is it the worst. The square design would work better if it were toned down. It’s a mediocre scheme that could be better. It earns a C-.

Gray Gaulding #30 Feed The Children Chevy SS-A horrible color scheme is paired with a bad design scheme. It just barely earns a D- for white being the primary color.

Bobby Labonte #32 Can Am Ford Fusion-Black with yellow lettering is a great look, and this is a great scheme that earns an A.

Joey Gase #32 Midwest Transplant Network/JT Concrete Ford Fusion-For some reason, children’s hand prints on the sides of a race car always look good. Add in a good color scheme and you have an A scheme

Landon Cassill #38 FR8 Auctions Ford Fusion-It’s a decent color scheme, but an awful design scheme. The Front Row template works better. I’ll give this scheme a D+, because the color scheme looks decent.

Brian Scott #44 Goody’s Headache Powders Ford Fusion-The shade of blue is really good, and the smooth look earns an A.

AJ Allmendinger #47 Kroger Pink Chevy SSPinkwashing is an automatic F.

Cole Whitt #55 Becker Auto Trailers Chevy SS-The light blue doesn’t look good on the black with the dark red. The design scheme is good, but the mismatched blue takes it down from an A to a B+.

Jeffery Earnhardt #83 Starter Toyota Camry-Black, red, and silver works well, and the simple and smooth design looks really good, and earns an A.

Reed Sorenson #98 Harrah’s Casino Toyota Camry-Black, white, and silver works very well, and the design scheme is great. All in all, an A scheme to be sure!

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