Throwback Thursday-Gary Bradberry-1997

By David G. Firestone

Gary Bradberry’s 1997 Haines Ford Thunderbird gets a turn this week.

The yellow numbers look really out of place here. The needless drop shadow is the shade of red that matches the rest of the car, and it would work well as a number. The same thing goes for the roof, which is the reverse of the door. I honestly have no problem with the door number, other than the yellow which is used. My other major issues is the hood logo. I like the fact it’s diagonal, that’s fine. What I don’t like is that the logo is so large, that parts of the logo get cut off when it’s diagonal. I don’t know why I don’t like logos getting cut off as much as I do, but I don’t like logos getting cut off. That said, this is a really good look, and aside from the yellow, I like it.