Paint Scheme Grades-October 31, 2020

By David G. Firestone

Tyler Reddick #8 Clark Pipeline Services Chevy Camaro-The curve is over done, and I think the blue is pointless. It’s not terrible, so I’ll give it a B.

Chase Elliot #9 Hooters Pink Chevy Camaro-Pinkwashing is an automatic F.

John Hunter Nemechek #38 ROMCO Equipment Ford Mustang-The black to white fade works, the yellow doesn’t work. Together they look odd. It isn’t bad, so I’ll give it a B.

Jimmie Johnson #48 Ally Financial Chevy Camaro-This just doesn’t work. I hate the design so much. I wasn’t a fan of the color scheme, but I led it slide. This I can’t let slide. F

Alex Bowman #88 Acronis Chevy Camaro-My complaint here is that the dark blue works better with the door number than the light number. Other than that, this is a solid scheme. A-