Vintage Item Spotlight-1980’s Unocal 76 Salesman Sample

unocal-76-2By David G. Firestone

Something that I find interesting are what are known as “salesman samples.” Salesman Samples are items that are used by representatives of companies to show buyers a sample of what it is they are buying. These can be anything from championship rings, swatch catalogs, or in this case, a case of lubricant samples from Unocal 76 from the 1980’s.

This interested me from the moment I laid eyes on it. The salesman would bring this case to a buyer, usually a mechanic, or factory that would use these industrial lubricants. The salesman would discuss the various characteristics of the lubricants for the buyer to help them make the right choice. Industrial lubricants are not equal and a lubricant that would work in a printing press might not be suitable in other applications.

This case is in great condition, and the 18 containers of samples it contains are still in good condition, though some of the lubricants have solidified over time.unocal-76-1 unocal-76-2 unocal-76-3 unocal-76-4 unocal-76-5 unocal-76-6 unocal-76-7 unocal-76-8 unocal-76-9 unocal-76-10 unocal-76-11 unocal-76-12 unocal-76-13 unocal-76-14 unocal-76-15 unocal-76-16 unocal-76-17 unocal-76-18 unocal-76-19 unocal-76-20


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