My Thoughts on Traveling in 2017

By David G. Firestone

For the last week, I’ve been in Tucson, Arizona. I go down there for a week to visit my family. I enjoy the trip down there, but I don’t travel much aside from that. For me, traveling is fun once in a while, but on a regular basis, it’s not for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I traveled a lot when I was younger. While I did enjoy it, I don’t like sleeping somewhere that I’m not used to. My parents have a nice condo in Tucson, and it has a really nice bed, but I’m so used to The Hauler back in Evanston, that it’s hard for me to sleep. I’m also not used to giving up my night owl tendencies, since my job usually has me clocking out at midnight. I love my shifts at work, so clocking out late doesn’t bother me.

I also detest flying. I HATE FLYING! Flying is my big fear in life, and since September 11, everything good about flying has gone away. That is why I prefer Amtrak for traveling. All the stuff that is awful about flying doesn’t exist on Amtrak. The seats are big, and they are roomy. There are no restrictions on when you can use electronics, or go to the bathroom. You can bring your own food, and they serve meals. But my favorite part is the fact that the trip is much more relaxed, and you get to see a lot of cool stuff on your trip.

I take the Texas Eagle, which travels from Chicago to Los Angeles, and has a number of stops. You see a lot of rural areas, and a lot of stuff that you would never see flying. I made a video of part of my journey from Chi-Town to Tucson, and you can see it below.

Coming home from traveling is one of my favorite parts, because I can get back to my home, and see Alejandro, the official mascot and paint scheme consultant of The Driver Suit Blog. I’ll discuss my trip further over the next couple of weeks. The project that I was worried about actually happened, and I promise that racing fans will love it! Everything is back to normal, in terms of The Driver Suit Blog.

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