Throwback Thursday- Eddie Bierschwale-1986

By David G. Firestone

Eddie Bierschwale in his 1986 Kodak Pontiac Grand Prix is our feature for this week’s installment of Throwback Thursday.

I really miss Kodak in NASCAR, I really do. They had one of my favorite shades of yellow that has ever graced the side of a race car. The shade of red they used contrasts quite well with the yellow, and works well. The outline on the door numbers is a bit unnessciary, but I can live with it. I like what they did with the hood and roof, giving it a camera film motif. I also like the yellow bordered red numbers on the roof as well.

As much as I like the paint scheme, the 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix is horrible looking. The bubble rear windshield, and the bumper on the front end look awful, and take away from a decent look. I will say that I like the color-coordinated window net. I think that should make a comeback.


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