Throwback Thursday-Bob Howard-1987

By David G. Firestone

Bob Howard tried to make the 1987 Winston Western 500 in this 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

While Kodak has my favorite shade of yellow, Pennzoil has a good shade of yellow too. Bright, but not too bright, it works very well as a base color. The red numbers work well on the yellow background. The rear logo cuts off around the wheel well, and I really don’t like that.

I noticed at the front of the car that the contingency decals start by the number, and appear to be in good order, and they seem to get more and more clumsily applied toward the front. I don’t understand why the team didn’t move some towards the back, where there is a lot of empty space. It would look just as good. I also hate Oldsmobile, in terms of NASCAR, because their cars just don’t look good.