Replica Helmets and Why We Need Them In Racing Part 7

By David G. Firestone

Recently, I came across some helmets this last year from a company called BrandArt. I’d never heard of the company before, and I looked them up. I thought at first that they were a memorabilia company, but it turns out they are an “Global Sourcing and Licensor Co-Branding Services in North America and Asia.” Looking at some of their helmets on eBay, their helmets range from accurate versions of helmets, as sold on Lionel’s website, to more plain versions. I’ve been saying we need more of these, and now BrandArt is leading the charge.

I got one of these helmets for Christmas. This Ricky Stenhouse Best Buy helmet.17-stenhouse-1

Let me say, right off the bat, this helmet is very well made. If there wasn’t a strap inside the helmet warning you it is for decoration, you would swear that it was a protective helmet. The quality is part of what makes these helmets good. The design on this helmet is good too. This plain helmet with the sponsor and bare design works well for getting autographs at the track or sponsor events. I also like the driver name on the visor stripe. The font they chose is really good. I don’t normally talk about fonts, but this one is really good. This makes a really good display item too. It would work well in an office, or rec room. It’s also perfectly designed to fit on a bookshelf.17-stenhouse-1 17-stenhouse-2 17-stenhouse-3 17-stenhouse-4 17-stenhouse-5 17-stenhouse-6 17-stenhouse-7

The second helmet I got is this Carl Edwards Aflac helmet. edwards-1 edwards-2 edwards-3 edwards-4 edwards-5 edwards-6 edwards-7When Carl made the jump from Roush Fenway to Joe Gibbs, Subway went with Carl, but Aflac chose not to stay. This Aflac helmet works well because black is a good background color. The green doesn’t work, blue can work sometimes, but not always, but black works well as a background color. This is another instance of a helmet that would be good to collect autographs on.

These are an older version of the helmet. Newer replica helmets have a more elongated shape, and are much more faithful in design to their on-track counterparts. BrandArt is hitting it out the park with these replica helmets, and I will get some more soon!

Editor’s Note, Next week, I’ll be starting my month long vacation.  I will have Friday Features, but I won’t update the tracker or paint scheme grades.