Who I am and what I do

I am a racing fan, and I collect driver suits, race helmets, sheet metal, and other racing related items.   I examine every aspect of them, and I’ve discovered that while there are other collectors and fans out there, they don’t understand many of the things about driver suits that are there.   NASCAR, IndyCar, and F1 suits are works of art, and I want to highlight these works of art for all to see.  This is my office:100_3147100_2479 Racing is my passion, and I want to help the public get involved in collecting racing memorabilia.  Driver suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, sheet metal, tire and other race-used items are popular to collect, and I want to help the public stay informed on these subjects.

As all of these memorabilia items are dependent on the paint schemes of the cars, I will grade the paint schemes used in a racing season.  I will grade all of the paint schemes based on two things, car design and color scheme.  I like simpler paint schemes, with classic color schemes, but I will take each scheme on a case by case basis.  I’m also grading the car, not the driver, so I give good grades to drivers I hate, and bad grades to drivers that I like.

4 thoughts on “Who I am and what I do”

  1. I love your office. Hi, I’m a French Nascar fan, no body is perfect…pro maquettist since a lot of years….too many years.
    You make a very interresting blog, very usefull for those who like the Nascar body cars, their Colors, their paint schemes.
    I am one of those, loving races, but who loves a little more the cars, and especially their paint schemes.
    I am a little bit a collector, but my job and my real passion is to reproduce the cars bodies,and my big preference has always been for Nascars … Actually making the ChevySS Gen6 at 1/43 scale. this is the prefered scale in Europe.
    If you want To have a look go to :


    I am fanscarente3
    See you soon Maybe. Francis.

  2. (Turn about is fair play)


    Tattered rocker recliner C-
    Wrinkley floor rugs and mats D-
    Fuzzy Dice B
    Helmets A-
    Broken bureau with missing drawers F
    Diecast cars on VCR C+
    Diecast cars on DVD player D-
    Diecast cars on Beer sign D-
    Diecast cars in cases A+
    Driver suits hanging loosely on wire hangers C+

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