Another Example of a Balaclava

By David G. Firestone

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Mark Smith got his start in Formula Super Vee. He raced for Dave White Motorsports, finishing 6th in the championship in 1988, winning at the Meadowlands, and second at Road America. In 1989, racing for Ralt of America, he won at Indianpolis Raceway Park, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and Mid Ohio. He transitioned to Indy Lights in 1990, and eventually won three races, two in 1991, one at Cleveland, and one at Laguna Seca. In 1992, he won a race at Vancouver.

Smith transitioned into CART in 1993, racing for Arciero. He raced for Arciero until the end of the 1993 season, when he left for Walker Racing. In 1994, Smith and Walker Racing had a rather unremarkable season, and Smith left racing. During the 1993 season, Smith wore the Nomex Balaclava, which he also autographed. This Simpson balaclava shows decent use. Supposedly, this was used at New Hampshire in 1993, but there is no evidence that Smith ran there in 1993.

The left side features a vintage Simpson Warranty label. There is no SFI certification present.

The hem of the balaclava has been cut. The end has not been sewn.

The front of the balaclava has some light staining near the nose and mouth area.

Mark Smith has signed the right side of the balaclava in black Sharpie.

The back of the balaclava doesn’t show any wear.

Ok, that was a short one, so I’ll do another…


Who doesn’t like ribs? Who likes bones? Well, both problems are solved with…

Boneless Baby Back Pork Roasts


2 racks baby back ribs, membrane removed

Dry Rub of Choice

Sauces of Choice


1-Preheat oven to 300°F

2-Lay the ribs on a long sheet of aluminum foil.

3-Cover the ribs evenly on both sides with dry rub.

4-Wrap the foil around the ribs.

5-Bake the ribs for 3 to 3½ hours.

6-Unwrap the ribs, then wiggle the bones out.

7-Serve with various sauces.

Next week, we look at some of the waste that race cars generate.


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