A Costume of a Firesuit

By David G. Firestone

While racing suits are primarily designed to protect driver from fire, their outer designs have become the focus to the majority of people, and it’s not hard to see why. The amount of effort it takes to get all of the sponsors fair placement for visibility is staggering.

Racing has a place in pop culture. Racing has been featured in music, movies, television, and internet media. For some productions, they place a lot of effort into costume design. Lower end productions will acquire a jumpsuit, and place patches on it, as this white suit made by Red Kap. The suit doesn’t show any real wear.The collar has no adornment, and doesn’t close. It’s designed to be folded like a polo shirt.A Red Kap tag is in the cowl with JS written in Sharpie above it.The right chest features a VALVOLINE patch, a GOODGUYS HOT RODS and STREET RODS patch, and an NGK SPARK PLUGS patch sewn into it.The left chest features a GOODYEAR patch, an STP patch, and a blue star.The suit has no belt.The legs are unadorned, with no special cuffs.The suit has no epaulets, and the right shoulder has a GOODYEAR patch, identical to the one on the left chest, sewn into it.The right sleeve has an NGK SPARK PLUGS patch sewn into the upper part, and the end of the sleeve is unadorned. The suit has no epaulets, and the left shoulder is unadorned.The left sleeve is unadorned. The back of the suit is almost unadorned, with the exception of a VALVOLINE patch on the lower back.

What gets me about this suit is the fact that there was clearly a lot of effort put into the design of this suit. The patches are sewn in to the suit, and they are all auto racing related. Yet the random placement of the patches baffles me. If the small patches weren’t so spread out, this suit would look a lot better. I get that whatever this suit was used for was on a budget, but a little research would have been better, but the effort does deserve to be respected.

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Author: dgf2099

I'm just a normal guy who collects race-worn driver suits, helmets, sheet metal, and other race-worn items. I will use this blog to help collectors, and race fans alike understand the various aspects of driver suits and helmets, and commentate on paint schemes.

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