The Smoke Show…And A Suit To Match

By David G. Firestone

For the last entry in this year’s Little Guy November, I am going to focus on another suit not worn by a professional driver, but a suit worn by a member of the public. The name Tony Stewart is a name that was riddled with controversy. Love him or hate him, you can’t argue with his on-track results. Stewart is one of the privileged few who made it to the big leagues, and had success.

Tony Stewart uses the nickname “Smoke.” There are various stories as to where the nickname came from. He uses the nickname for a number of different things, including the Tony Stewart Smoke Show, which is a charity event where fans can, for a fee, race in a car at Texas Motor Speedway, and ride shotgun with Stewart. Part of the $6,000 fee includes a customized driver suit, like this thick Sparco suit, which is customized for L Swartz Jr. The suit doesn’t really show any use.The collar is red with a Velcro closure.There is nothing on the upper chest area. The front torso features a TONY STEWART SMOKE SHOW logo, which includes TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY.Inside the zipper is the Sparco warranty label, and a Sparco care label with 2/14 as a manufacturing date. The belt has a SPARCO logo and L SWARTZ JR. embroidered.The red legs have boot cuffs, and are unadorned.The shoulders have a red epaulet with SPARCO embroidered at the end of the shoulder, and nothing between the epaulet and the collar. The right red sleeve has a TONY STEWART SMOKE SHOW patch present, and nothing in television position. The left red sleeve has the SFI 3/2-A5 certification present, and nothing in television position. The back of the suit doesn’t really show any wear.The back of the neck is unadorned.The back of the torso is unadorned.Next week, the 2018 Paint Schemies!