My Thoughts On Trivia Time Part 2

By David G. Firestone

Last week I posted trivia questions, this week, here are the answers:

I’m going to change this up a bit. For this week, I’m going to do a true/false trivia post. Without further ado…here we go!

Category 1-SPORTS

*Houston and Pittsburgh are the only two cities with with three sports teams that wear the same colors.

False! Pittsburgh does, Houston doesn’t.

*Nolan Ryan has 839 more strikeouts than any other pitcher in MLB history


*Former Offensive Tackle Ron Mix had two holding penalties in 10 years, and had his number retired and unretired by the Chargers.


*Before Game 3 of the 1992 Campbell Conference Finals, the on-ice officiating crew walked out of the game due to a dispute over New Jersey Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld.

False-This debacle took place during the 1988 Wales Conference Finals

*Yao Ming has the largest wingspan in NBA history

False-That honor goes to Manute Bol.

Category 2-CARS

*The Pontiac Aztec was named the ugliest car in history by The Daily Telegraph


*Changing the size of the wheels on a vehicle will have no ill effects of the other equipment on board

False-The dash gauges and engine settings will be very much effected by changing the size of the wheels.

*The Toyota Corolla has sold more than any other car in history.

True-The Corolla has sold 43 million units worldwide…equal to the population of Algeria.

*The Volkswagen Beetle has been continually produced in some form since 1933


*The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport currently holds the record as the fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 267 MPH


Category 3-BARBEQUE

*According to experts “grilling” is the same as “barbecuing”

False-Grilling involves cooking meat over charcoal or a gas grill, where it cooks quickly. “Barecuing” is cooking meat slowly, using a smoker, or a wood fire.

*A traditional central South Carolina Barbecue consists of cooking a whole hog in a mustard-based sauce commonly referred to as “Carolina Gold.”

*“Oklahoma-Style Barbecue” is made with elements of Memphis, Texas and Kansas City style, and uses among other things bologna sausage.


*The International Bar-B-Q Festival in Owensboro Kentucky holds the World Record for Largest Pork Barbecue Contest.

False-No such record exists.

*KC Masterpiece was not invented in Kansas City, but rather in St. Paul Minnesota. The inventor was inspired by Kansas City barbecue traditions.

False- KC Masterpiece was invented in Kansas City by Richard E. “Rich” Davis M.D.

Category 4-ALCOHOL

*Although not a law anymore, the “Reinheitsgebot” or German Purity Law has been observed since 1516, and states that beer made in Germany may only contain hops, barley, and water.


*Jack Daniel’s is produced in Moore County, Tennessee, which is a dry county, which means Jack Daniel’s can’t be sold in stores or restaurants in the county it is produced in.


*Miller Lite was tested in Dallas Texas and Seattle Washington in 1970

False-Though its development can be traced to 1967, Miller Lite was first tested in Springfield, Illinois, Knoxville, and San Diego in 1973.

*Bud Light is the most consumed beer in the world

False-While Bud Light is the most consumed American beer in the world, Chinese brand Snow is the most consumed beer in the world.
*It is illegal to show people drinking the product in any televised alcohol commercial in the United States.