Sirius and Ultra Motorsports…A Match That Almost Worked

By David G. Firestone

Founded in 1995, Ultra Motorsports went through different drivers and manufacturers until 2002, when they settled on Dodge. In 2002, they acquired Sirius Satellite Radio as a sponsor, and raced the full season. This sponsorship continued until the end of 2003, during which time, the team fielded a second car. After the 2003 season, they lost the sponsorship, and only raced in 2 races in 2004. The team would get sold to Robby Gordon in 2005.

In 2002, Ultra Motorsports raced a full season with Casey Atwood as the driver. The team didn’t do much that season, and Atwood was replaced with Jason Leffler for the last two races of the season. In 2003, the team raced a full season with Jimmy Spencer for 35 of the 36 races, and Ted Musgrave for a single race. Spencer had 1 top 5 and 4 top 10’s. During that time, one of their crew members wore this Simpson one piece double-layer firesuit.The suit shows decent use, having been worn for two seasons.The collar is a standard collar, with SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO logos on the sides.Inside the cowl is a standard Simpson warranty tag. There is no flags or other indications of any kind present.The right chest features a NASCAR WINSTON CUP SERIES logo, and a small SIMPSON patch present.The left chest features a DODGE logo embroidered into it.The front torso features a large white SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO logo, which shows signs of wear, embroidered into it.The black belt features a white GOODYEAR logo embroidered into it.The black legs feature white SIRIUS logos in television position on the sides. The cuffs show damage, including fire discoloration. The right shoulder is missing its epaulet.The right sleeve features a SIMPSON logo, a SOUTHERN PRIDE TRUCKING logo, and a SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO logo on the top, and SIRIUS at the end of the sleeve in television position. The left shoulder does have its epaulet, and it is embroidered with a SIRIUS logo.The left sleeve features a NASCAR logo, a ULTRA/EVERNHAM MOTORSPORTS logo, and a SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO logo on the top, and SIRIUS at the end of the sleeve in television position. The back of the suit shows wear on the logos.The back of the neck is unadorned.The Sirius dog is embroidered on the back, and there are a number of stains on the logo.Ultra Motorsports was one of those teams that raced full seasons in the Cup series, with no real tangible results. Their time in the Truck Series was much better, with 36 wins from 1995 to 2004, and the 2004 Driver’s Championship with Ted Musgrave. In total, Ultra Motorsports had 36 wins, 157 top 5’s, and 233 top 10’s. They should have just focused on the Truck Series.

Next week, an aspect that all race cars share, but isn’t sold as memorabilia…for the most part.


Author: dgf2099

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