An Announcement For This Week

By David G. Firestone

Just a real brief one this week. It’s more of an announcement. I’ve been working on a project that has come to fruition. This week, I’m going to spend a few days in St. Louis working on a few projects. I’m going to go on a few tours, shoot a few videos, and have some fun. I’m going to talk about my trip next Friday.

Unlike in past years, when I’ve gone to Tuscon, I’m going to keep the regular rotation going. There will be a Tracker, and Grades this week. I can do this because I’m only on the train for 5 hours, as opposed to three days. I’m going to be able to watch the races, and I’ll be able to work on the website without much hassle.

I’ve been working on this for a while, and I’m going to have some fun with it. See you next week!