My Thoughts on November and KFC

By David G. Firestone

Just a couple things this week. So I was thinking this last weekend that I want to do another theme month. I had fun with Formula 1 month last year, and I wanted to do something similar this year in November. I had gone over a few possibilities, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to watch the Sebring 120, which I had on the DVR. About halfway through the race, it hit me, I should spend a month discussing the little guys, the weekend warriors, the guys who aren’t in the major leagues of racing. So for November, every Friday Feature will be about the little guys. I’m focusing on ARCA,IMSA, dirt track racing, and SCCA worn items.

That was the good, and now the bad. I don’t eat at KFC all that often. I’ve tried their Georgia Gold chicken tenders, they weren’t amazing, but they were decent. I’m seriously considering not eating at KFC because of how annoying their new commercials are. The gold Col. Sanders theme is putrid, and the commercials are annoying. What KFC is doing is taking Harland Sanders, a man who radically changed the fast food industry, and are basically making him into a comedy character.

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