Paint Scheme Grades-March 11, 2017

By David G. Firestone

Clint Bowyer #14 Haas Automotion Ford Fusion-Gray is out, red is in! The new color scheme works well, and I do like the white stripes at the bottom. It’s an A scheme!

Reed Sorenson #15 Chevy SS-Black with white numbers is always a good look, and this scheme is a good look. I can’t say anything bad about it, and I give it an A.

Reed Sorenson #15 The Maids Chevy SS-This is a unique situation, let me explain. Sorenson was expected to race the black with white numbers above. However, on Saturday, The Maids agreed to sponsor the team for one race, and the car was re-decaled overnight. It’s a good color scheme, a great shade of yellow, and a good shade of blue, and a smooth look, and it’s worth an A.

Kyle Busch #18 Snickers Crispier Toyota Camry-Same scheme as last year, same B- grade.

Matt DiBenedetto #32 Cosmo Motors Ford Fusion-That stupid door design has been removed, and the car has gone from a C- to a B-. The look has improved, and the car has a smoother look as a result.

Matt DiBenedetto #32 Can Am/Kappa Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same F grade.

Jeffery Earnhardt #33 Chevy SS-Same scheme as Starter, same A grade.

Chris Buescher #37 Bush’s Baked Beans Chevy SSSame scheme as 2016 #47, same B+ grade.

Cody Ware #51 Spoonful Music Foundation Chevy SS-Reversing the color scheme can be hit or miss. In this case, it’s a hit. The black design works very well, and the design scheme works well too. This scheme gets the A it deserves.

Derrike Cope #55 Wade Tractor/ Chevy SS-It’s a simple, smooth look, with a good color scheme, and it earns an A.

Cole Whitt #72 Rinnai Chevy SS-This would normally be an A scheme, but there is an issue that I almost never discuss when grading paint schemes. The door numbers do not look good with this color scheme. The 72 looks awful here, and the car loses as a result. If the door numbers were just one color, I would give it an A. But the three color design doesn’t work on the white background. If it were plain black or red, I’d be able to work with it. But it’s not horrible, aside from the numbers, so I give it a B+.

Erik Jone #77 Sirius/XM Toyota Camry-It’s a needlessly over designed mess. Too much is going on, and the car looks awful as a direct result. I’m giving this scheme the F it deserves.

Michael McDowell #95 WRL Contractors Chevy SS-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

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