Throwback Thursday-Kyle Petty-1997

By David G. Firestone

Kyle Petty has hot wheels on his 1997 Hot Wheels Pontiac Grand Prix.

I’d like to thank NASCAR for bringing one of the most useless aspects of race car design to racing, the headlight decals. I hate NASCAR for introducing them in1997. I liked the way the cars looked before, with the headlight covers. But when Pontiac added headlights, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Lo and behold, in 1997 they were introduced, and by 1998, every car had them. They never looked good. That said, the rest of the scheme is decent. I do like the Hot Wheels track design on the side. I also like how the Hot Wheels logo on the side wraps around the wheel well, and the rear wheels are red. That is a good look. Aside from the headlight decals, it’s a great looking car.

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