My Thoughts On The Olympics

By David G. Firestone

The Rio Olympics have concluded, and all I have to say is THANK GOD! We have been hearing about the Olympics all year, but none of what we were hearing prior to the games was good news. Between human rights violations, corruption, shoddy construction, Zika, infrastructure failures, water quality issues, and a lack of security, I knew these games would be interesting, but I got tired of hearing about them

Fast forward to the actual games, and the stuff that was going wrong was entertaining. Before I discuss stuff that happened during the games, I’d like to thank the media for their wonderful coverage of the games. Seriously, in a time where race relations are in really bad shape, and gender equality should be a thing but isn’t, how could you have coverage that is clearly racist and sexist? Seriously, how did the media do such a great job at offending EVERYONE while covering the games? Vox summed this us better than I ever could, check it out.

That aside, when the games did get started, the television coverage was awful. NBC, I don’t know if you know this or not, but we have something called “the internet” which gives us the capacity to learn the results of events before you tape delay them. We also have something called a “DVR” where we can record the event so we can watch it. Why would you tape delay the games in this day in age. Seriously, WWE finally figured this out, why can’t you? I was getting updates on the games sent to my phone from two different apps, CNN and EPSN.

So we have a bad location, bad infrastructure, and bad television coverage, to start with. Then we have a pool that turned green for no real reason, a swimming pool that gave certain swimmers an advantage, PED issues, questionable officiating, cupping, and Ryan Lochte. The sad part is that there was a lot of great stuff that happened during the games, but almost all of it is ignored because of the off-field issues.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but it seems that this is happening with every Olympic games. Furthermore, it’s getting to the point that the host city loses so much money, that finding new venues is getting tougher. I genuinely, believe that there may never be another Olympics held in North America during my lifetime. These cities don’t have millions of dollars sitting around to lose on the Olympics. I’m wondering if the rules will be changed to make the games profitable to the host cities. It would be an improvement over the current system.

To the surprise of nobody, because of all of the issues I touched on, the games were a ratings failure, and advertisers aren’t happy. TV ratings are bad, and now comes the speculation that the television deal will change. People are going to wonder where should the Olympics go, I’m wondering where COULD the Olympics go. The contract is costly for networks, and they don’t want to pay that much for bad ratings.

I don’t watch the Olympics, and I couldn’t care less about them, and all I can say is that I’m happy they are over.

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