My Thoughts On A Terrible Week (So Far)

By David G. Firestone

So far…this week SUCKS! Aside from an Xfinity Series race at Mid Ohio, there really wasn’t any racing to watch. So after a racing-free weekend, I knew Monday was going to suck. Let me explain how my day was yesterday. After waking up earlier than normal because of a Comcast technician visit, I was expecting the Post Office to deliver two packages. Well they only delivered one, and didn’t leave a slip for the other. The tracking info states that the package is “ready for pickup” even though I have no way of getting the package without a slip.

I have officially lost all respect and all trust in the USPS. I can’t understand how a group who exists solely to send mail and packages can fail so badly at sending and delivering mail and packages. Even if they had sent me a slip, I would still have them redeliver the package. If I had to pick it up, I would have to go to the Evanston Post Office, which is the most disorganized post office in existence. I have never been to a worse post office in my life. I’ve been to a post office on an Apache reservation in rural Arizona, where the nearest town was 20 miles away, and had better service than what I get at the Evanston post office.

So with that in mind, I braced myself for the Comcast visit, and to my utter amazement, it went off without an issue. I get that customer service has been an issue with Comcast, but I have to say that I haven’t had a problem, my service is great, and everything usually works. When it doesn’t Comcast is really good at taking care of the problem.

When it comes to tech support, I don’t go in angry. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is going in angry and impatient. I calm myself down and work with the tech, and most of the time, it works out well. There is the odd time it doesn’t work, which happens, but yelling at the phone rep doesn’t make anything better, and will only make things worse. Let the person who knows what they are doing fix your mistake. IF they are asking questions, it’s because they need to diagnose the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, it can be fixed.

With that out of the way, I had time to do laundry, and have dinner. I’m typing this at 3 AM, and I’m just going to finish this, and go to sleep.

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