My Thoughts on the Ghosbusters Trailer

By David G. Firestone

I’m going to discuss the Ghostbusters trailer controversy. I’ve got a few things I’d like to say about it. Please read the whole of my opinions before you comment, since this is a big issue with this trailer.

I watched Ghostbusters growing up. I remember the movie, but I was never a super fan of it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite. I’m 34 now, and one thing I don’t do is get nostalgic over reboots and remakes of classic franchises from when I was a kid. So when I heard about this new Ghostbusters remake, I thought it sounded interesting. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are two great actresses, though I’m admittedly not as familiar with Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

I watched the trailer wondering what new direction the franchise would take, and if it was really as bad as everyone says it is. I got my answer, and yes it is. You can’t fault the on-screen talent with this one. The problem lies with whoever it was who made the trailer. The dialogue was difficult to listen to. The jokes were not funny. The CGI looked decent, if a little over the top. As open minded as I was about this trailer, it did not impress me.

This is not a minor issue. Trailers are how many people judge if they want to see movies or not. When you have a bad trailer, people automatically assume that the movie is bad. This movie had a budget of $154 million, and if the movie is a quarter as bad as the trailer makes it look, the movie probably won’t break even.

Again, this has nothing to do with the female leads, if it ever did at all. The on-screen talent did a decent job, but the trailer as a whole looks bad. A question that is being brought up is will I go see the movie. I’m going to wait for some reviews to come out, so I’m not saying yes, and I’m not saying no. But I sure hope the movie is better than the trailer makes it look.

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