My Thoughts on Thunderstorms and a Terrible Weekend.

By David G. Firestone

I’ve got a few things to discuss, so buckle up. First thing, let’s get this out of the way. Yes this is another post on weather, yes it’s about weather that sucks, and no, I’m not apologizing for it. As I sit here, my back to the southern window in The Hauler, I’m getting reports that there are thunderstorms heading my way. I’m kinda looking forward to it, and at the same time I’m not.

Growing up, I’ve always had a fear of thunderstorms. I took some grief for it. Besides, what 6 year old would be afraid of darkness, heavy rain, loud noise, bright flashes, and the power going out? But, after growing up, and getting jobs that mandate me working outside, I’m very nervous about thunderstorms. I’m genuinely afraid of getting hit by lightning while working outside.

It’s why I started making thunderstorm videos. If I am making a video about something, I can’t be that scared of it. I don’t know what it is, but using a camera helps me stay calm in a situation that I consider frightening. I’m not sure why, but that’s how it is.

The second thing I want to discuss is the seemingly random postings over the last couple of weeks. There is are valid explanations for why this happened. Let’s rewind to April 8th. I wake up later than I had wanted to, and rush to the shower to catch the bus. I notice there is no hot water, but as I have to rush, I don’t think about it. I get to work, and then it dawns on me, what’s wrong with the hot water.

After my shift, I get home, and I need to state that I walk 2.5 miles home after my shift at work. I get home, check on Alejandro, and go downstairs to see what’s wrong, and I realize that the hot water heater has burst. After a few phone calls, I was able to spend most of my Saturday getting it fixed, and after $1800, it was fixed, and I have to admit, the new one works great.

The next day, I go into see a doctor. The reason I see him on Sunday is that he is Jewish, and has weekend hours, and will be open on Sundays. He insists I get a blood test, so I had to go through that pain in the ass. And while we’re on the subject of medical tests, can I ask a question? Is there any way that these forms you have to fill out CAN FUCKING BE SIMPLIFIED? HOLY SHIT THOSE ARE ANNOYING! I’ve gone to this same place every test I have ever had, I’ve gotten the same set of tests every time, I still have the same insurance, and I STILL HAVE TO SPEND 20 MINUTES FILLING OUT FORMS!

It’s also important to note that I was fasting for the test, so in addition to all the other bullshit, I’m hungry and I can’t have an energy drink, so I’m tired as well. After filling out forms, and spending ANOTHER 15 MINUTES IN THE WAITING AREA(Why are there as many people getting blood tests on a Sunday?) I get my test done, and I treat myself to Taco Bell, because I have that kind of money. I go home, watch the Masters. Towards the end of the evening, the doctor calls me, and apparently, I have some thyroid issues. So now, I have to make ANOTHER appointment, this one with a specialist. It goes without saying, I was NOT happy with these issues.

I made the command decision(I LOVE that term, by the way) to skip My Thoughts On, and I skipped working on my stuff, which is why the Tracker ran on Thursday April 14, as opposed to Wednesday April 13. Since then, I’ve gotten back on track, and I’m back to normal.

The last piece of news I have to discuss was a bit of a punch to the chest. I’ve grown up, and lived my whole life in Evanston, Illinois. I LOVE Evanston, and can’t picture myself living anywhere else. I learned last week that an Evanston institution closed this week, namely Dave’s Italian Kitchen. Dave’s was an Evanston institution 10 years before I was born. Dave’s was the first restaurant I ever went to. I had my middle school, high school AND college graduation parties there. We’ve had many family gatherings there. That news hit really hard.

What makes it even worse, is that nobody seemed to know why Dave’s closed. Then, as I was writing this, I saw this announcement on the Dave’s Facebook page:

“Bad news/ Good news
Bad: Getting out my cookbook/memoir may take longer than I thought as I’ve started another project.
Good news: That project is a new restaurant which will be known as Dave’s IK, a much smaller & more streamlined version. It will be the size of my very first place – the menu & dining room will be smaller but the heart will beat louder than ever. And it has a big front window! I hope to open on Noyes Street in late May. I thank all of you on FB who have been supportive and loving – without that support, I would be busking in New Orleans. I look forward to justifying your kindnesses. Thank you again — Dave “

While I will miss the original Dave’s, I can only hope that the new version is just as good as the original. I’ve eaten in Italian restaurants all over this great country, and I love to call Dave’s my favorite!.

One last piece of news, aside from The Vest Project, I will be involved in another project this week, something really ambitious, so I’m probably not going to do Paint Scheme Grades this week. I will bring it back next week. See you then!

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