auto racing

My Thoughts On Getting Ready To Travel

By David G. Firestone

The worst part of a vacation is coming home. The second worst part, at least to me, is packing and getting ready. I do not like waiting to the last minute to do anything. We booked the tickets back in October, and the majority of stuff that I’ve had to do I’ve gotten done since then. At this point, all I need to do is pack a suitcase, pack my laptop, and go to Union Station. Other than that, I’ve gotten everything done.

As I write this, my thoughts turn to those on the East Coast, who have had their lives affected by Winter Storm Jonas. Winter sucks, we can all agree on that. The cold and snow can get to be too much. Many people, my parents included travel south for the winter. On Friday, I’m going to go visit them. I’m not worried about the train trip down, I’m more concerned about the plane ride home. I haven’t gotten on an airplane in 11 years, and I’m really worried about it. It’s going to be at least three hours I’m in the air, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it. I’m hoping that booze will alleviate my stress…

While I will miss the Rolex 24 at Daytona, I will DVR whatever I can of the race. I’m not an endurance racing fan per se, but it’s the beginning of the racing season. I’m waiting for the racing season to begin and I can hardly wait!

I have Throwback Thursday and Friday Feature articles ready to go, I’m not going to worry about the Tracker and Grades until I get home. I may or may not do a My Thoughts On, but it really depends on a few things. I will also do a couple of things down in Tucson that I will write about when I get home. Stay tuned.


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