My Thoughts on Sports Talk Radio

By David G. Firestone

I hate sports talk radio! I will scream that from the mountain tops! I hate sports talk radio! I follow racing, I watch racing every chance I get, but I’m not as obsessed as these callers who listen to sports talk radio!

I live in the Chicago area, we have a number of different sports talk stations, and they all equally suck. The two big stories today were the Cubs playoffs, and the Tejada injury. That’s all anyone was talking about in Chicago! The Bears won their second game, The Bulls are playing, but that didn’t get the airtime that the Cubs and Tejada are getting!

I rarely listen to the radio, but I was working on scanning stuff on Monday, and decided to turn on the radio. I regretted my decision, because I had to choose between pop music, talk radio, or sports talk radio. I setted for what I thought was the least horrible option, but listening to that crap just wore me out!

I will never listen to sports talk again!

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