My Thoughts on Labor Day

By David G. Firestone

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the worker. The workers love to celebrate by barbecuing. That’s how I spend my Labor Day, barbecue and the NHRA. Barbecuing and grilling brings us together, not just as a group of friends, or family, but as a culture. Everyone has their favorite kind of food to grill, burgers, steak, chicken, hot dogs, ribs, fish, veggies, and even pizza. Everyone has their favorite style of cooker, smoker, charcoal, wood-fired, or gas.

Along with grilled food, you need beer. Workers love beer. It doesn’t matter if you are into extra IPA, bock, Guinness, or macro beer, the one universal rule is that the beer has to be cold. The colder the better. The combo of cold beer, and hot, fire grilled meat can’t be beat on Labor Day! If you are into wine, or soda, same rule applies.

Do we do this ourselves? Absolutely not! We gather as a society, in back yards, and at parks. We gather at sporting events, or at the beach. We gather with friends, we gather with family, and we gather with co-workers! We put animosity aside for the day, and focus on enjoying the end of the summer. We play softball, and horseshoes.  We ride bikes, or hike.  We eat and play and enjoy the day.  We may have to go back to work tomorrow, but we enjoy the day today. However you spent your memorial day, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.