My Thoughts On The Jared Fogle Situation

By David G. Firestone

As you are all aware by this point, Jared Fogle, who for 15 years was a spokesman for Subway plead guilty to possessing child pornography, and traveling to have sex with a minor last week. His actions were reprehensible to say the least. It should also be noted that Russell Taylor, who was the director of the Jared Foundation, a group devoted to preventing childhood obesity, was arrested and charged with child exploitation, possession of child pornography, and voyeurism. I’m not going to try and defend Jared, because he’s not something that can be defended. Sexual exploitation of children is disgusting.

I am however, going to defend Subway in this situation. Subway employed him as a spokesman, and was not aware of what he was doing in his off duty hours. Whenever something like this happens, people who have agendas against the company will place blame on the company. Do you really think that Subway supported him traveling to have sex with a minor? Do you really think Subway supported him downloading child porn? Subway couldn’t have had less to do with this situation!

The idea of blaming a whole company because one or two people involved with the company is a perv, or a criminal, to me, is idiotic. Another example is when Kmart inked a deal with Martha Stewart in 2001. Kmart agreed to start selling Martha Stewart’s merchandise, and things were going well, until she went to prison in 2003 for insider trading. Kmart immediately felt the need to apologize and defend themselves, despite the fact that they couldn’t have had less to do with the Stewart case.

People with agendas like to use controversies to prove their point, even if the agenda couldn’t have less to do with the company, and I get so tired of hearing this nonsense. Again, what Jared did was horrific, and disgusting, but Subway isn’t a part of this! He did this on his own time, and didn’t involve the company, so please stop making the company look like they supported him from day one in downloading porn, and traveling to have sex with a child.

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