My Thoughts on Selfies

By David G. Firestone

It went unnoticed by many people, but at the French Open a few weeks ago, a fan jumped a barrier and ran up to Roger Federer and asked to take a selfie on the court. This obvious breach of security brings back to mind the stabbing of Monica Seles by Günter Parche in Hamburg, Germany in 1993. In both instances there was little security intervention until it was too late. While Günter Parche was a whack job, this kid created a breach of security to take a picture

With the rise of smart phones came the rise of selfies. I don’t understand this at all. This is a picture of myself, look at me! It’s just irritating. With the rise of Facebook came the rise of selfies on the internet. With this rise came the way people want to out do each other with selfies. You’ve had cases where people have shot themselves in the head, fallen of cliffs, gotten arrested, and imprisoned for trying to take selfies. IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

I get taking selfies when they are worth it, like if you are visiting somewhere significant. If you go to a concert, museum, or sporting event, and want to take a selfie and share it, I’m fine with that. If you are going out to dinner with a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a long time and want to take a selfie, that’s fine. If, on the other hand, you take seflies in line at the grocery store, or at the bus stop, then you are an idiot.

I work at a retail store, and I see this shit all the time. Why would you want to take a status while buying eggs and toilet paper? It just annoys me to no end. I hate having to deal with this kind of nonsense. There is no reason to take selfies at a store, none whatsoever. One of the reasons, I don’t go on Facebook all that much is because there are too many selfies.

The sad thing is that now, because selfies are a thing, they are only going to get bigger. I can’t see selfies going away in the foreseeable future. I can only hope they will go away, as I am getting sick of them. I don’t take them unless there is a reason for it anymore. I wish they would just go away and never come back.


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