A Funny Car Design Quirk I Never Noticed Before.

capps-12By David G. Firestone
Just a quick post, I didn’t want to rewrite the My Thoughts On article for tomorrow, so I’d just cover it today. So I committed a sin on Sunday…I fell asleep during the NHRA Lucas Oil Kansas Nationals. It was at about 1:30 in the morning, and I was tired. I had it on the DVR, so no big loss. I was watching it this afternoon, and I noticed something about funny cars I had never noticed before. It is an interesting design tick that proves that people really are paying attention to all aspects of car design, especially when it comes to sponsors.
This is an older model Ron Capps NAPA Dodge from a few years ago. capps-12Pay specific attention to the rear end of the car. capps-12 - CopyWhy in the world would those decals be diagonal? What sense does that make? It makes perfect sense. Funny cars don’t have doors or hoods, the only way to access the engine on the track is to lift the body up like so: capps-13 - CopyNow let’s zoom in on those decals. capps-13Now that makes sense. Interestingly, every funny car team in the Mello Yello Drag Racing Series uses this design tick. It is pretty cool. Here is some video proof from the Kansas Nationals…

Come back tomorrow when I discuss how awesome the institution of pizza is!

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