Taylor Motorsports Proudcts, An Introduction Part 2

westerfieldBy David G. Firestone

Last week, I covered Shea Holbrook in her Taylor Motorsports Prodcuts driver suit, this week, I’m gonna cover Shane Westerfield in his Taylor Mototsports driver suit. Shane is a former drag boat racer, who has moved to Top Alcohol Funny Car or TAFC. He has a couple of event wins, including two in national events, one at the 2013 Texas Fall Nationals, and one at the 2014 Spring Nationals, as well as a number of regional wins. In 2012, he started wearing a Taylor Motorsports Products driver suit.westerfieldThis is a natural partnership as Westerfield and Dennis Taylor both got started in drag racing and both raced Top Alcohol Funny Car. Dennis was proud of this suit, displaying it on his Facebook page. The suit is an SFI 3-2A/20 rated. This is a very durable and heavy suit, preferred by drag racers. The suit is very heavy and it weighs about 8 pounds and feels like a 5 layer suit. Westerfield can be seen wearing this design in both his national event wins, but I can’t say for sure he wore them for those wins. It is sponsored by CP Carrillo, which is a high end racing piston manufacturer.

The suit shows light use, with some scuffing of the material.westerfieldThe collar has a Velcro closure design with CP CARILLO embroidered into it. Unlike the Shea Holbrook suit there is a warranty tag.westerfield-collar westerfield-tag

The right chest features an A1 TECHNOLOGIES PERFORMANCE RACING FASTENERS logo.westerfield-rchest

The left chest features SHANE WESTERFIELD embroidered into it, and a Taylor Motorsports logo embroidered below it.westerfield-lchest

The front torso has a CP Carillo logo. I really like this color scheme by the way.westerfield-flogo

The belt is outlined in a light blue, but has no adornment.westerfield-belt

The legs have no adornment whatsoever and they have standard cuffs.westerfield-legsThe shoulders feature unadorned blue and black epaulets, which are unadorned.westerfield-rshoulder westerfield-lshouderThe right sleeve feautres an American flag logo, a TAYLOR MOTORSPORTS PRODUCTS logo, and a CP CARRILLO logo, no television logos, and arm restraints built in, to keep his arms close inside the car. This is a popular modification among dragster drivers.westerfield-rsleeve1 westerfield-rsleeve2 westerfield-rsleeve3

The left sleeve features the same basic design as the right sleeve, but the SFI rating replaces the American flag, and the restraint has an SFI rating on it.westerfield-lsleeve1 westerfield-lsleeve2 westerfield-lsleeve3

The back of the suit is completely unadorned.westerfieldb westerfield-neck westerfield-blogo

Next week, I’m gonna keep the drag racing train rolling, with a piece on Cory McClenathan…see you then!

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