The Humble Spark Plug…


By David G. Firestone

So in planning my article for last week, I got to thinking…spark plugs were the most common race-used memorabilia item for many years. It’s pretty easy to see why. Spark plugs are the most commonly changed part, they are one of the cheapest as well. So once the spark plug has expired, instead of throwing out, you sell it to a fan. You get some money, they get a treasured item.

In 1970, Johnny Rutherford raced an Eagle chassis with an Offenhauser engine. He didn’t score a win, and had 3 DNS’s. These plugs came from that Offenhauser engine. They have been mounted to a wood display, with a small paper sign.rutherfordplugs-1 rutherfordplugs-2 rutherfordplugs-3

We discussed the Swamp Rat VIII set last week, and I’ll just show it again this week…garlitts-1 garlitts-2 garlitts-3 garlitts-11 garlitts-10 garlitts-9 garlitts-8 garlitts-7 garlitts-6 garlitts-5 garlitts-4

This Jimmie Johnson spark plug is part of a display which features other parts, johnsongroup johnsongroup3specifically a piece of the track bar,johnsonrod a lifter, johnsonliftera valve spring,johnsonspring and a piece of sheet metal. johnsonsheetPart of the plug has been modified to make the plug useless.johnsonplug

This spark plug from Morgan Lucas Racing hasn’t been modified, it is still in perfect conditionmlr-plug

Next Week, We will look at a weekend warrior driver suit…from the 24 Hours of Daytona…


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