My Thoughts On The End of Winter

By David G. Firestone

Just a real quick one this week. I’ve said it before, but I hate winter. The cold can be almost unbearable, the snow gets annoying quickly. I hate waiting for buses in this weather. I’m seeing spring products in stores, and the racing seasons are starting. Spring training indicates that spring has started, but I have yet to see it. This part of winter is my least favorite part of my least favorite season. I want the weather to get warm, but it isn’t. The waiting really is the hardest part. As I write this, it is 24 degrees outside, the high is projected to be 48 degrees. Waiting for the warmth to start really sucks.

My two big indicators that spring is on the way are the beginning of the racing seasons and Spring Training in baseball. Spring Training is awesome because it’s baseball, but more relaxed. The record is irrelevant, and the final rosters haven’t been set yet. I watch a lot of Spring Training. The teams and fans are much more relaxed, they know that the best part of the year is on the way as well. I don’t have the time or resources, but some day, I want to just go to Arizona and spend 2 or 3 weeks just at Spring Training games. That would rule. Maybe someday, who knows?

From everyone living in places where it gets cold in the winter, I speak for all of us when I ask Spring to HURRY THE HELL UP!


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