John Force Racing Announces a New Deal!

By David G. Firestone

I’ve just got a quick one based on some news that broke on Thursday. I’d been wondering what John Force Racing would be running this year. Ford left John Force Racing and the NHRA at the end of the season. There was some debate on who John Force would sign with, and that answer came late last week, with the announcement that John Force Racing would be running Chevy Camaros in 2015. I thought that it was going to be Chevy, and I was right

What I found interesting was that the NBC article I read stated “With no other Chevrolet-branded Nitro Funny Cars in the sport, John Force Racing will essentially have the Chevy brand exclusively all to itself.” Really? What about Bob Tasca’s team? What about Tim Wilkerson? I don’t think that Chevy is going to commit itself to this kind of racing program without multiple full time teams. I think that Wilkerson is going to join Chevy, but as for Tasca, I just don’t know. Bob Tasca Sr. was a long time Ford dealer, and Bob has run Ford his entire career, as well as having Motorcraft as a sponsor.

What has kind of amazed me is that Chevy took as long as they did to come back to the NHRA. Chevy’s return to IndyCar was a smashing success, and I thought they had something in the pipeline for the NHRA. I guess they couldn’t get a full time team at that point, so they had to wait. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team does this year.

The car looks pretty good, and the new Peak scheme looks really good on the car as well. The Peak scheme works much better on the funny car than it does on Clint Bowyer’s car. Peak has a very good shade of blue, and it works well on the car. I’ll be interested to see how Courtney Force’s and Robert Hight’s cars will look, and if there will be any changes to the paint scheme.

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