Just Because it Fits Does NOT Mean It Looks Good!

16-McAnallyBy David G. Firestone

I love the design aspects of driver suits, I really do. From older suits where aesthetics wasn’t one of the main focuses, to modern suits where everything is precisely where it should be, I love suit design. There is an organization and a subtlety to design that deserves to be appreciated. I thought I had seen most designs, until I saw this one.16-McAnally-flogo 16-McAnally-rchest 16-McAnally-lchestThis is a Bill McAnally Racing pit crew suit. I have no idea what year exactly when this suit is from. It looks as cluttered as I have ever seen a driver suit. Whereas most driver suit may have 12 to 15 logos visible on the front, this suit has, in total, 24 logos. It looks really cluttered and awkward. I love NAPA and I think they have great cars and a great color scheme, but this looks like it was thrown together at the last minute.Interestingly, the suit is made by MotoWear, which is one of the more low-rent driver suit manufacturers. It shows in the suits because the large NAPA logos look very odd. It doesn’t look as smooth as other logos on suits, and it has a low rent look. The logos on the collars,16-McAnally-collarback torso,16-McAnally-blogosleeves,16-McAnally-rshoulder 16-McAnally-rsleeve1 16-McAnally-lshoulder 16-McAnally-lsleeve1and legs16-McAnally-legsall share a similar look. I also find it interesting that there is no series logo on the suit at all. Bill McAnally Racing is in the Wheelin All American Series, and the K&N Pro Series

The other reason the suit is featured this week is that it is an example of something that, prior to this, I had only seen on racing official suits. The SFI logo, normally found on the left wrist, is visible on the left sleeve.16-McAnally-lsleeve1 While I was not able to find a picture, many pit road officials wear firesuits with the SFI patch on the left sleeve. Other NASCAR officials wear the SFI logo on the back of their necks, but on the back of the neck of this suit is the MotoWear logo. The placement of the logo just adds to an already cluttered look to the suit.

As for a MotoWear suit, it has a warranty tag,16-McAnally-tag2 a wash tag, 16-McAnally-tag3and it is really well made. For a pit crew suit it is really well made. I say it is a pit crew suit because on the tag is written Bill Lowe. After many hours of searching, I was unable to find a Bill Lowe as a driver. It is likely that Bill Lowe was a pit crew member. It looks really good, and I also like the quilt pattern, you just don’t see that anymore.

Another item of news this week is that BidAMI Auctions, which is based in Las Vegas is auctioning off a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Driver Suit. Starting this week, I will look at major auction houses, and if a driver suit, or other piece of NASCAR memorabilia I think should be promoted, I will link to it here.