The Goal of All Drivers in Auto Racing Part 2

header2By David G. Firestone

Last month, I discussed the various forms that trophies take, and this week, we will continue that discussion. The trophy has obtained iconic status in the sports world, and the racing world uses so many different things as trophies for drivers who win it is amazing.

The checkered flag is synonymous with racing. While no one is really sure when the checkered flag was first used, photographic evidence dates it to at least 1906. The origin of the design is also lost to history as well. Since it is so iconic, the checkered flag is used as a trophy in many forms of racing. This example is from the Doylestown Quarter Midget Race Club which is based in Honeybrook Pennsylvania. It is 24 inches square and has the wooden pole still attached. A patch on the front states that this was awarded to the “FEATURE WINNER, DQMRA.”  dqmrc1 dqmrc2 dqmrc3

The awarding of small trophies was and is very popular, and this is an example. It is a 6.25 inch tall chalice awarded to The Best Beginner of the 1966 Rusters Run. It shows some staining from age, but it is in great conditionrustlersrun1 rustlersrun2 rustlersrun3 rustlersrun4 rustlersrun5 rustlersrun6 rustlersrun7

This small wine goblet was awarded El Paisano Rally Race in 1969. It is about 6 inches tall, and like the Ruster’s Run chalice, it shows some stains but is in overall good condition.      elpaisano1 elpaisano2 elpaisano3 elpaisano4 elpaisano5 elpaisano6 elpaisano7

There is something to be said for a traditional trophy. This example is a trophy from Springfield Ozark Dragway, which was for many years, a mainstay of the NHRA. This huge trophy was awarded in the 1960’s to an event winner, and is over 24 inches tall!       ozarktrophy1 ozarktrophy2 ozarktrophy3 ozarktrophy4 ozarktrophy5 ozarktrophy6 ozarktrophy7 ozarktrophy8The last item we have is from a phenomina I have only seen in NASCAR. First the backstory: In 1995, Bobby Labonte won his first NASCAR Winston Cup race, which was the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte. It was also the first Coca Cola 600 win for Joe Gibbs Racing. At a banquet celebrating the win, the attendees were able to take home these napkin rings which are oversized championship ring. This is one of them, and it is huge. The hole in the ring is 1 ½ inch in diameter.     labontering1 labontering2 labontering4 labontering3 labontering5 labontering6Trophies and awards for winning races can come in thousands of different forms, and these examples are just a few of them.

Editor’s Note:  There will be no paint schemes reviews this week or next week.  I’m going to spend the week on vacation in Tucson with my family, and I will get back to normal operations when I get back home to Chicago.

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