Some Thoughts on Speed Weeks 2013

By David Firestone

First off, I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to those injured in that horrific crash at the DRIVE4COPD 300 on Saturday. As a fan, you never enjoy seeing anyone get hurt, drivers, fans, crew members, or officials.

Now on to the Daytona 500…

The new Fox GyroCam is amazing! It gives the fan an idea of how insane the banking on these tracks is. I can’t wait for the camera to go to Talladega.

Brad Keselowski debued a rather unattractive white helmet for the 2013 season. The old design, a blue carbon-fiber design with Miller Lite logos look much better in my opinion.

Very weird to see Blockbuster Video as a primary sponsor…I thought they went bankrupt. It is clearly a last-minute deal because the color scheme of the car, and the color scheme of Blockbuster aren’t the same.

Juan Pablo Montoya was involved in a wreck, and the crew had to tape the car number on the passenger side.

The Chevy SS, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry, both production and race cars look really good.

There does seem to be an issue with the strength of the attachments on the windows, as NASCAR mandated that they be strengthened.

I am not a subscriber to the Danica Patrick hype, but what she did this week speaks for itself. Winning the pole position and finishing 8th after a very impressive race performance that was very impressive.

And Finally, Congrats to Jimmie Johnson, who won the race in an impressive fashion in one of the best looking cars in the field today.

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